Why A Library

Why Build a New Library and Learning Center?

Our present library has outgrown its space by all means of measurement: no more room for books, no space for more computers or new programs to serve the community. A new library will provide:

A Facility that Encourages Learning & Literacy

  • Collections of paper books, e-books, audio books and videos
  • Large area easily transformed into space for interactive learning for children and adults

A Multi-Purpose Gathering Space for the Community

  • Space for meeting area and community celebrations to accommodate our increasing population
  • Outdoor arena for movie nights and other family activities
  • Walking trail – Basketball court

Continuing Education for the Adult Community

  • Computer and iPad training and skills
  • Presentation on topics ranging from bird watching and conservation to art lessons, hunting and fishing
  • Genealogy research

A Computer Lab for Free Access to Information

  • Apply for jobs and resume preparation
  • Homework and project help
  • Enable adults to investigate health and wellness needs
  • Manage finances – Research government benefits and tax information

A Safe Place for Children of all Ages to Gain Knowledge in Order to Grow in Wisdom

  • After school mentoring
  • Summer reading programs
  • Separate computer room for children

A Museum Show-Casing Port O’Connor’s History

  • Cannon, our treasure, discovered in Pass Cavallo
  • Historical displays from/about families who settled the area

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