The current Port O’Connor Library building has served its purpose for nearly 30 years. The Friends of the Port O’Connor Library initiated the new library building capital campaign in 2013 along with the generous donation of property from the Stofer-McNeel Trustin honor of Preston-Rose Austin. The new library building will be adjacent to the current location, with the main entrance on Main Street. It will be donated to Calhoun County and remain a part of the Calhoun Library System.

Port O’Connor Branch Calhoun County Library

Why Build a New Library and Learning Center?

2017 Summer Reading Program participants squeezed into current library and sitting on +20 year old carpet.

Our present library has outgrown its space by all means of measurement: no more room for books, no space for more computers or new programs to serve the community. A new library will provide:

A Facility that Encourages Learning & Literacy

  • Areas to display history of the area, including the Cannon that was discovered in Pass Cavallo
  • Collections of paper books, e-books, audio books and videos
  • Large areas that easily transform into space for interactive learning for children and adults
  • Space for group and individual learning opportunities

Continuing Education for the Adult Community

  • Computer and iPad training and skills
  • Presentation on topics ranging from bird watching and conservation to art lessons, hunting and fishing
  • Genealogy research

A Computer Lab for Free Access to Information

  • Apply for jobs and resume preparation
  • Homework and project help
  • Enable adults to investigate health and wellness needs
  • Manage finances – Research government benefits and tax information

A Safe Place for Children of all Ages to Gain Knowledge in Order to Grow in Wisdom

  • After school mentoring
  • Summer reading programs
  • Separate computer room for children